In 1917 Lenin declared, “Things are moving by fits and starts towards a point where power will be transferred to the Soviets, which is what our Party called for long ago.” Answer in written form the following short answer questions

(1)What were the Soviets? Include in your answer how they functioned in factories.

(2)What traditional essential position do socialists hold on the ownership and management of the means of production?

(3)From your timeline identify all the events that led to the monopolistic consolidation of power by the Bolsheviks, include such things as the Kronstadt rebellion.

Now with reference to the preceding video, the meme, your class room resources, and your responses to the questions above, answer the following long answer question

(4)Describe the major events that eventually led to the Bolshevik monopolisation and centralisation of political and economic power in Russia between 1918 and 1924. To what extent were these measures contrary to the goals of socialism?

In your answer include the views of historians, such as Brinton and Figes, and provide primary source quotes to support your contention such as the one above.